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Bibliophile on Parade

Since I was a kids books have been the center of my life. The first book I ever really wanted to own was a copy of Dracula. My mother said no (I was eight). Since then I collected over 1700 books and with the e-reader I have downloaded over 300 more. I own 32 different copies of Dracula, 16 copies of Jane Eyre, and 7 copies of Shadows of the Wind. Even though I own an e-reader, it will diminish my desire to own and collect books. The smell of old is so enticing to me. If Frebreeze ever wanted to make a killing off of me they would create Old Book scent. Pure heaven.

The Girl Who Started it All

The Secret of the Old Clock  - Carolyn Keene

I have two words for great mysteries, NANCY DREW.

Ever since my grandmother gave me the first book in this series when I was 8 years old I have been a devote lover of the Nancy Drew series.  Nancy is  a awesome character and great role model for young girls every where.  She is her own person and is not afraid to go where most girls (and some boys) would not dare to tread.  She is fearless and courageous, plus she is stylish and drives the coolest car in the world.

For the last 6 years I have been collecting the original cover editions of this series (2 more and I have the original series in the pre-yellow covers).