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Bibliophile on Parade

Since I was a kids books have been the center of my life. The first book I ever really wanted to own was a copy of Dracula. My mother said no (I was eight). Since then I collected over 1700 books and with the e-reader I have downloaded over 300 more. I own 32 different copies of Dracula, 16 copies of Jane Eyre, and 7 copies of Shadows of the Wind. Even though I own an e-reader, it will diminish my desire to own and collect books. The smell of old is so enticing to me. If Frebreeze ever wanted to make a killing off of me they would create Old Book scent. Pure heaven.

Sweet Valley High Series

Sweet Valley High: Three Novels - Francine Pascal

I know to many this series may seem like a bad after school special. BUT, it had a huge impact on my life growing up.  I was not the popular girl at school and by sharing in the lives of the Elizabeth and Jessica, I felt that all of us were the same underneath our outer shells.  We were insecure, troubled and heartbroken.  I love these books, event today I will still grab one off the shelf (yes, I still have the complete set) and dive back into that world of teenage angst.

Recently, Francine Pascal the creator of this series, revisited Sweet Valley in 2 adult novels.  I am not going to lie, they are written in the same style as her teen books, but jumping back into that world was a solid gold treat that any lover of Sweet Valley would love and appreciate.